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A day in the life of .....

25 February
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I really feel as though I ought to keep fiddling and changing this Biog ..but I'm not sure what to put. If I write I am a 65 year old mother of 5 it gives a certain impression ..and I don't think that it describes ME ...it describes WHAT I am ..but not who . So ..yes , whilst the above IS factual ...and I probably look like an older woman ...anyway ..I am 5'11 , overweight , have white hair and I wear glasses...I live in jeans and jumpers or jeans and polo shirts. I don't usually wear make up , I have psoriasis on my elbows , hands , left leg and right knee. Erm.....what else..... oh I don't know..if you want to know something specific just ask..I will probably tell you the answer . I am a keen amateur photographer
in my head however , the following is WHO I am :


I am a 27 year old trapped inside a 65 year olds body. I drink , and swear..I took drugs before most of you were born. I love leather and velvet. I want blue and purple hair ..I want more tattoos and I want to be taken for a ride on a Harley. I love my man more than anything else ....I am a Rolling Stones fan , I can draw , I am thin inside my head , I love my children and grandchildren

I am Catholic by choice rather than birth

The Icebay Pack gone but not forgotten

Melodysk@f2s.com. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr


*Melody*'s The Flower Collection photoset *Melody*'s The Flower Collection photoset


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The WeatherPixie

Jelly Melly made for me by styandstyx in fun_blinkies

Husky made for me by dapoohbear79 in solaris_designs

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Ready for bed made for me by dapoohbear79 in solaris_designs

The people I talk about regularly:

Stephen - Husband and light of my life
Sophie - 19 year old daughter :)
Conor - 16 year old son :)
Hudson - 8 year old Alaskan Malamute
Delta - 6 year old old Alaskan Malamute bitch
Lucy 34 - Oldest daughter , married to Steve
Ben - Lucys 9 year old son
Oliver, Lucys 55 year oldson
Luke 33 - Oldest son
Ellie - Lukes daughter , aged 9
Thomas 27 - Middle son living in West London
Zoe, Thomas' girlfriend
Kayleigh, daughter of Thomas and Zoe, born in May 2008
Deborah - My best friend from the 1960's that I met up with again the year before last ..great friend :)
Katie - Younger (by 15 years) Sister , married to Karl and with 3 children , Harry , Matthew and Erin

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