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Go outside. Membership is free

Go outside. Membership is free
Go outside. Membership is free,
originally uploaded by *Melody*.
Today in Lincolnshire

This LJ ...

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Tweets for Today

  • 09:29 Dreadful news about Jett Travolta I feel so sorry for the family :( #
  • 09:34 @caomhin yuppers ...and it has taken you HOW long to realise? :) #
  • 09:34 @greggrunberg I feel so sorry for the family :( #
  • 09:35 @caomhin erm ..and now we have 2 as another just arrived LOL #
  • 09:35 @jorunn I would LOVE to reply but I don't understand you :) :) #
  • 20:17 @caomhin it doesnt make things easier, it just makes you wet (yeah I know, the old ones are the best) #
  • 20:17 @caomhin They know about the second but yes, one each woohoo #
  • 20:18 @jorunn 29 letters?? Oh my goodness LOL #
  • 07:24 has a headache #
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Tweets for Today

  • 12:56 Waiting for the car to be done - 2 new tyres!! #
  • 13:47 Still waiting ..the 2 hours is now 3 ...no new phone yet either, they are 1 hour late ...gotta love the UK #
  • 14:03 Car is ready and S is on the housephone to T Mobile re the G1 #
  • 14:52 ARGHH T Mobile 'it got stuck in our system' ...no phone #
  • 18:18 YAY we have a G1 tinyurl.com/6py7ug #
  • 21:47 'Celebrity Big Brother' ..can we get them under the Trades Description Act? #
  • 21:53 Still cant get Loud Twitter to work with my LJ :( #
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So then ...

Still ill ...light headed and wobbly...cant actually do anything ...just sit and idle. I have lost 3/4 of a stone in weight in 5 days due to not eating ...still not back at work .....

Am now stressing big time as I have Christmas shopping to do next Tuesday .and if I am still like this there is no way it is going to get done

snow on fence post

snow on fence post
snow on fence post,
originally uploaded by *Melody*.
Another one, this taken later


originally uploaded by *Melody*.
This was earlier on

New words....

TTTO The Snowman:

We're walking in the air
Without our underwear, we're cold
My bits are going blue , there's nothing I can do
It's true

TTTO Memories:

Magic moments, when two hearts are carin'
Magic moments, mem'ries we've been sharing
I'll never forget
The smell of your sweat
From under your armpits

It's amazing the way my brain works sometimes .....

I take it back

It has just changed from rain to snow!

So then ...

After the drama ...

Went with Sophie to Sheffiedl Hallam yesterday , we went by train and were pleasantly surprised to see the Uni was just outside of the station (less walking) we had a mooch around the buildings and then Sophie had to leave her portfolio on a table whilst going off for a more in depth look. I went to take pics around the city. We met up and hour and a half later. She wasn't interviewed ..no one was, they just looked through the portfolios and will let them know ...

Got to Lincoln at 5.15 an Stephen picked us up and bought us home.

Stephen was at the hospital yesterday about his finger and got goo news saying that he was really doing well :)

Conor is in the middle of doing his mock GCSE's..seems to be going okay (fingers crossed)

Sophie heard from her final UCAS application (Southampton) and had had another offer so all going well so far :)

Oh yes, you know this *snow event* forecasted for today? Well it is raining here bah!